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Where did all the real entrepreneurs go? On this National Honesty Day, let us celebrate the less attractive path of honest & ethical entrepreneurship.
It's National Honesty Day, did you know?

I'd prefer it if we didn't need a day to remind ourselves to be honest...

But alas, we do.

Anyway, I simply could not miss this opportunity to announce my new podcast and blog — Marketing Honestly.

It's all about providing radically honest and transparent marketing guidance for the everyday entrepreneur who wants to learn how to build an ethical online business, free from shady tactics and hypey-marketing.

You see... I really love the online business space. There are some good people doing great things that place service before sales, and people before profit.

But there's an ugly underbelly to online business, which is full of greed, selfishness, a rat race to riches, dishonesty, and using the powers of marketing to bamboozle people out of their livelihoods.

And in a world obsessed with shortcuts and pursuing convenience, people legitimately believe they can start a business overnight, get rich quick, and live a life of weightlessness and luxury...

Which makes the job of the digital charlatan very easy.

I mean, if you open your eyes, you can see it everywhere. The ads, the tactics, the pop-up guru of the week, the "proprietary methods."

What happened to the good old fashioned entrepreneur?

Who worked his arse off. Faced uncertainty and thrived on it.

Shouldered the risk that his mates wouldn't dare attempt.

He talked to real people with real problems so he could set out to make their lives better... by serving them.

That person knows humility, grit and failure... and doesn't brag about it.

Where did he go?

The world killed him.

And replaced him with a shiny veneer that looks good on Instagram, who is afraid of hard work, failure, and associates "service" as merely the last word in the acronym "SaaS."

It's time to resurrect the real entrepreneur.

The true lady or gentleman who is willing to work hard, be honest, and humble themselves to serve, solve problems, and provide for their families. Forging forward with full knowledge that they might fail.

But that person needs help because the internet-powered entrepreneur needs to wade through the charlatans, fake gurus, and neverending temptations to use the unethical tactics to get ahead.

And that's my mission at Marketing Honestly:

"To provide radically honest & transparent marketing guidance for the everyday entrepreneur who wants to build a sustainable online business that doesn't sacrifice their ethics & values."

So to my everyday entrepreneurs, on this National Honesty Day, let us pursue the authentic and less attractive path of ethical entrepreneurship!


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