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Troubleshooting Guide for the Overworked, Stressed & Bogged Down

I've put together a simple troubleshooting guide to help you solve most of your problems. Most of the time, it works 100% of the time.

Dark patterns

User interfaces that are designed to deceive or trick you

This cleaning lady's direct response letter was brilliant

She employed direct response copywriting better than most marketers!

Blue Light Blockers, Honest or Hype?

Are blue light blocker glasses a legitimate and helpful product, or is this multi-million dollar industry just good at marketing a placebo effect?

Just be upfront

Are we doing business, or are you trying to be my friend? Pick one, for goodness sake.

Weird business lesson I learned from smoking meat

I've spent a considerable amount of time studying fires — building fires, gazing into the flames, calculating burn time, and understanding the process. You know, like ...

Don't be an echo

Say what you need to say, not what you hear others say.

Marketing ethically from the start

How a new business owner can ensure they are marketing honestly and ethically from the start.

Fake scarcity

Listen now! This episode is going to be taken off the Internet forever.

How can you be generous in business?

From a business and faith perspective, what’s your take on how to be generous? Have you got examples where generosity "comes back to you" as they say?

Why are all sales webinars the same?

Learn how to use sales webinars in your business without sounding like every other marketer

Why do online course prices always end with 7?

Have you noticed that most online course prices end in number 7? Why is that? Well, in today's episode we'll answer that question, plus we'll find out if it's ethical ...

Should big clients pay higher prices?

I received a question about the ethics of pricing your services based on how much the client can afford: "Is it fair to base your pricing on how much people can aff...

Defining ethical & honest marketing

These words sound nice, but talk is cheap, and it’s easy for one to say they are ethical and honest but not actually mean it, or even understand what they’re saying. S...

The trend of high ticket courses

Is it ethical to sell your online course for $10,000?

I'm starting over

Hitting the reset button on life & business (before Coronavirus made it mandatory)

Coaches coaching coaches

Where did all the real entrepreneurs go? On this National Honesty Day, let us celebrate the less attractive path of honest & ethical entrepreneurship.

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